What is HPM? 


Helping People Ministry (HPM) is a charitable arm of Living Word Worship Centre, which offers help to the needy, the sick, the old and the disadvantaged in the community irrespective of their political, educational, religious beliefs, sex and social affiliations.

HPM endeavors to do God’s work in the form of providing relief to a person in necessitous circumstances  by direct distributions of money or goods to the person.

As well as distributing directly to persons in necessitous circumstances, HPM will also distribute to other charities and public funds which themselves care for persons in needy circumstances.



The vision Of HPM is to reach out to the places Jesus commissioned us to reach, and touch the hearts he commissioned us to touch.


HPM’s mission is to walk with the needy and help to:

  • Build stronger families and healthy relationships

  • Empower them to brighten their tomorrows

  • Provide access to professional skills and development workshops

  • Sustain a modest standard of living in our society

The values of our charity are based on the acronym  “HELP


H is for health. We are committed to providing equipment to enable people to access the best medical assistance.

is for education. We are committed to providing access good, quality education for youth and adults to enable them to gain and maintain  successful employment.

is for love. We are committed to treating each other with the love of Christ.

P is for people. We are committed to looking after the needy people in our communities.

Needy circumstances' is a relative term having regard to a person's particular circumstances. It has no fixed quantitative measure but it requires financial hardship. A person's assets, liabilities, family responsibilities, disasters suffered, illness, disability, etc., which may cause them to be in  need.


HPM believes in empowerment through education and knowledge. In line with this, HPM actively offers help in diverse ways through the following programs:


  • For the Relief of Poverty: -Support the community to care for the poor and the needy by providing food, clothes and financial support when needed.


  • Advancement of Health: -Encouraging the sick to seek medical attention, providing financial support for health research and conducting health seminars to bring awareness.


  • Advancement of Religion: - To reach the community and win them for Christ.


  • Promotion of Education: -Provide training facilities to assist the needy to transform their lives within the community and also fund children education.


  • Relief of Needs of Older People: -Provide counselling and support to the elderly especially the lonely when required.

HPM Governance

Helping People Ministries Inc (HPM) is an association incorporated pursuant to the provisions of the Associations Incorporations act 1988 (NSW). 

HPM  is endorsed by the Australian Taxation Office as a charitable institution under item no. 1.1. of Section 50-5 of the Income Tax  Assessment Act 1997.

HPM has been endorsed by the Australian Taxation Office for the operation of a Necessitous Circumstances Fund under item no. 4.1.3 of sec 30-45 of the ITAA 1997