Water Well 


2017 aims to raise funds to build 2 water wells to serve the local community in Swaziland.  Each well cost approximately $5000 to build and will ensure people have access to safe drinking water within their area.  



HPM believes education is the future for the communities we serve. HPM aims to support over 20 children each year through their primary and secondary education. This is done by paying  for tution, books and uniforms. 

Water Pumps​


HPM aims to build 4 water pumps at specific locations  such as schools popular locations to provide easy access to safe water 

Hippo Roller 


This simply technology has already transformed  the lives of over 200,000 people. It allows for easy transportation of upto 90 liters of water without it having to be carried in small buckets and saves time as  it reduces the number of trips required to acquire waters.