HPM endeavors to do God’s work in the form of providing relief to a person in needy circumstances  by direct distributions of money or goods to the person and their communities. 

There are millions of young people out there with immeasurable talent, yet unlike us in the first world, they lack the means, they lack the necessary help.

Become a volunteer with our organisation and make a difference. We need you to help make the world a better place. 


Your donations will help change the life of  those who have no hope. Proceeds are channelled  into health, education with love for the people that need it the most.  HELP

Our work is made possible by our many volunteers who spend their time and resources to make HPM impact those in need both in Swaziland and Australia. 

HPM distribute directly to persons in necessitous circumstances in Swaziland.  HPM will also distribute to other charities and public funds which themselves care for persons in necessitous circumstances.


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+61 433 997 137

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Unit 7, 2-6 Gladstone Street, 

Merrylands NSW 2160


The vision Of HPM is to reach out to the places Jesus commissioned us to reach, and touch the hearts he commissioned us to touch.

 HPM’s mission is to walk with the needy and help to Build stronger families and healthy relationships, Empower them  for a brighter future, Provide access to professional skills and development workshops and  Sustain a modest standard of living in  Swaziland and Australia.